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Transformational change potential

Change is considered transformational if it is significant, abrupt (quicker than the business-as-usual) and permanent/irreversible in bringing the country on a low-carbon development trajectory in line with the 2-degree-objective. Projects can support the transformational change by enabling a significant evolution in terms of scope (e.g. scaling-up or replication), a faster change or a significant shift from one state to another. They do so by influencing policies, regulation, and enforcement and by providing adequate financing mechanisms that manage to incentivise consumer/investor decisions in order to sustainably redirect the flow of funds in the sector towards the low-carbon pathway.

Technical Support Unit (TSU)

Assists the Board in managing the NAMA Facility. The TSU is the secretariat of the NAMA Facility and the focal point for national governments, NAMA Support Organisations (NSOs) and other stakeholders. The TSU is responsible for organising Calls for NAMA Support Projects (NSPs) Outlines, assessing NSP Outlines and Proposals and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of the NAMA Facility during implementation. It also has responsibility for the financial management of the NAMA Facility.

NAMA Facility

Technical Support Unit
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