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Appraisal Phase

The stage of the NAMA Support Project (NSP) Proposal development that follows the NSP Outline selection phase and precedes the submission of NSP Proposals. From the 4th Call onwards, this stage is called Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP).

Ambition Initiative Calls

The NAMA Facility Ambition Initiative features several new characteristics that distinguish it from previous Calls (1st-7th), targeting an even higher level of ambition in mitigation projects to achieve transformation towards carbon-neutrality and to allow countries to build back greener as they recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. The new charactheristics include: Focus on enhanced and ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) as an eligibility criterium; focus on NAMA Support Projects (NSPs) targeting sectors explicitly included in the enhanced NDCs; emphasis on the role of global cooperation in climate change mitigation, in particular on cooperation with the NDC Partnership (NDCP); the requirement to ensure contribution to existing national efforts for green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic; strengthened emphasis on innovation in the context of raised NDC ambition and consideration of applications for NSPs that require a small sized pilot for novel technologies before moving into a larger scale project. This focus on novel technologies is optional for NSPs; increased upper funding volume of EUR 25 million per NSP; disbursement of additional budget for highly successful NSPs; and possibility for commercial organisations to serve as Applicants/Applicant Support Partners (ASPs) and NAMA Support Organisations (NSOs).


In the initial Outline Phase, national ministries or legal entities may function as Applicants, i.e. submit a NAMA Support Project (NSP) Outline to the NAMA Facility. Legal entities must comply with capacity requirements as stipulated in the General Information Document (GID) and receive sufficient endorsement by the national government institutions relevant for the implementation of the NSP. In case that the Outline is submitted by a national ministry, a legal entity should be identified as Applicant Support Partner. The legal entity (as Applicant/Applicant Support Partner) will then function as contracting partner for the Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP). In the Proposal Phase, the designated NAMA Support Organisation (NSO) functions as the Applicant. The NSO and the NSP Proposal need to have been endorsed by the national government.

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