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This is the NAMA Facility.

The NAMA Facility is funded by the federal governments of Germany, Kingdom and Denmark, the European Union and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, also known as CIFF.

NAMA stands for Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action and means: an action to meet national climate goals.

Facility means an ability or skill at doing something. The NAMA Facility gives money for climate action in the entire world. The NAMA Facility helps other countries with climate action.

Climate Agreement

Many countries in the world signed a climate agreement. This is how we aim to fight for climate action.

The climate agreement is a contract. There are goals for climate action in the agreement. For example:

  • Protecting forests
  • Protecting communities
  • There should be less pollution.

Many countries want to reach these goals. The NAMA Facility helps people in other countries with this. For example, in Asia and Africa.

Climate change means: the climate is changing. For example: In the summer, it is getting hotter. Sometimes, there is a lot of rain at once.

Fighting climate change means taking climate action, such as people reducing waste that causes pollution. Or people drive fewer cars and trucks.

Or people change how they grow food. Or people build their buildings differently.

National governments can help these changes happen.

The NAMA Facility helps people in other countries change activities and behaviours and use technologies to help with climate action. These changes also help communities to become better.

The NAMA Facility gives money for projects.

These projects do something for climate action. This climate action lowers pollution that causes climate change. Projects are for example:

  • More buses that help to reduce pollution from cars
  • More climate-friendly ways to grow food
  • Using to the sun or wind to make electricity
  • Less waste from factories

Money for projects across the world

The NAMA Facility has given money to more than 43 projects. The NAMA Facility set aside 668 million Euro for this. The projects have been in more than 30 countries. That was from 2012 to 2021.

All projects have done something for the climate or for the good of communities.


The company GIZ GmbH helps NAMA Facility with projects.

The GIZ is short for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

The company GIZ helps for example with these things:

  • Providing salary for people working in a unit to support NAMA Facility activities like checking if projects are working well. This unit is called the TSU. It means Technical Support Unit.
  • Providing money for contracts for NAMA Facility activities like the administration of the TSU. For example, writing reports and running a website.


The TSU is short for Technical Support Unit.

People working in the TSU help NAMA Facility activities like checking if projects are working well and what they can learn to be better. 

The TSU team checks for the NAMA Facility:

  • What in the projects worked well?
  • What did not work well yet?

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