Call Process

The Call process has evolved gradually since the 1st Call was launched back in 2013.

All Calls of the NAMA Facility are structured similarly, having two consecutive and competitive phases – an Outline Phase and a Proposal, or Detailed Preparation Phase (in Calls 1-3 also known as “Appraisal Phase”) – before successful NAMA Support Projects (NSPs) can proceed into Implementation.

In Calls 1-3 of the NAMA Facility the Proposal Phase was labelled as an “Appraisal Phase” and did not have a fixed duration. Starting from the 4th Call onwards, the Appraisal Phase was replaced by the Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP). The DPP involved a re-design of the Appraisal Phase to provide more support to projects through additional resources and a closer exchange between NSPs and the Technical Support Unit (TSU).

With each Call, the NAMA Facility reflects on the Call process from the perspective of Applicants / ASPs and adapts approaches and requirements accordingly.

Project Cycle
  • Outline Phase: Selection is among the submitted, relatively short NSP Outlines that undergo a thorough desk and some of them an on-site assessment by an independent external evaluator and the TSU. Projects that successfully pass the assessment are recommended to the Board for funding of the Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP).

  • Detailed Preparation Phase/Proposal Phase: During the DPP, support will be provided for more detailed preparation of NSPs. The provision of funding support for the DPP will be linked to the progress achieved with regard to crucial milestones in the DPP. Selection is based on the full-fledged proposal which is the outcome of the DPP. Proposals undergo an in-depth assessment; proposals successfully passing the assessment are recommended to the Board. According to the assessment result and the available funding, the Board takes a final decision on providing funding for the implementation of the NSP. The Detailed Preparation Phase, or Proposal Phase, is described more thoroughly in this “Spotlight on Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP)” special feature.
  • Implementation Phase: Following the final approval of an NSP by the Board, the NSP enters implementation and concludes a grant agreement with a NAMA Facility Grant Agent. In order to ensure swift implementation, the Implementation Phase is divided into two distinct phases: Implementation Phase 1 which begins with the Board’s approval of the NSP and provides time (up to 18 months) for an NSP to conclude all contracts and agreements necessary for the FC and TC components as well as reach some predefined milestones. After Implementation Phase 1, the Donors may decide to discontinue support if insufficient progress is achieved regarding the contracting process and pre-agreed milestones. Implementation Phase 2 is the phase of the full project implementation in the partner country.

Figure 1 Phases of the Call process

Figure 2 Call process in detail

In both Outline and DPP / Proposal Phases, all projects are evaluated against pre-determined selection criteria, which ensure that the most ambitious and transformational NSPs would be approved for funding and, thus, Implementation. Read the General Information Document (GID) for the current Call to learn more.

Selection Criteria

Three sets of criteria are introduced to assess NSP Outlines and, upon a successful selection for and conclusion of DPP, NSP Proposals, including:

  • eligibility criteria
  • ambition criteria and
  • feasibility criteria.

At the stage of the NSP Proposal assessment, the feasibility criteria are emphasised.

Figure 3 Selection Criteria for Calls for Projects

Detailed information on selection criteria is available in the General information Document (GID) existing for each Call of the NAMA Facility and providing an overview on the NAMA Facility, its objective and functioning, as well as specific information on the selection process of NAMA Support Projects for funding.

View the General Information Document (GID) of the last Call (Ambition Initiative – Round Two) in our Knowledge & Learning Hub.

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